Standard Poodle Colors

"Exploring the Colors of Standard Poodle Colors: From Parti to Merle"

Standard poodle colors

Look at all of these gorgeous standard poodle colors!

There is a spectrum of standard poodle colors available. From the classic solids to the more unique Parti and Merle patterns, this article delves into the spectrum of Standard Poodle colors, offering insights into their genetic origins and distinctive characteristics.

Classic Solids:
Classic Solid colors include black, white, apricot, gray and brown. Each hue is rich and lustrous, showcasing the breed's sophisticated appearance. Black and brown are dominant colors, while white and apricot are recessive.

These traditional colors are often associated with the standard poodle breed and are considered timeless and elegant. The solid poodle colors emphasize the poodle's graceful appearance and are widely appreciated for their classic beauty.



Parti Poodles: (which is of course one of our favorites!)
Parti Poodles sport a captivating coat featuring two or more distinct colors. These charming patterns can include any combination of white with another solid color. Parti Poodles have gained popularity due to their eye-catching appearance.

Parti poodles have a predominantly white coat with patches of another color, which gives them a playful and charming appearance, often making them stand out.

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Phantom Poodles:

Phantom Poodles exhibit a two-tone pattern where specific points of the body (like the eyebrows, muzzle, legs, and chest) are a lighter color than the rest of the coat.

Merle Poodles:
Merle is a captivating and intricate coat pattern characterized by mottled patches of color. The Merle gene creates a marble-like effect, and Merle Poodles can exhibit a wide range of colors, from blue merle to red merle.

The beauty of a Merle Standard poodle colors lies in its distinctive coat pattern, characterized by a blend of colors and swirls that create a visually appealing and unique appearance.

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                           Standard Poodle Colors                               Standard poodle colors

Abstract Poodles:

Abstract Poodles, also known as Mismark to AKC show people, display a primarily solid-colored coat with randomly distributed patches of another color. This results in a playful and unique appearance that varies from one dog to another.

The Abstract pattern adds a touch of individuality to the Standard Poodle's coat. For instance, an abstract poodle color might have a mostly white coat with patches of another color, like black, brown or red.


Standard Poodle colors offer an array of different looks, each contributing to their charm and their personality.

Whether you're captivated by the classic solids, Parti patterns, or intrigued by the artistic complexity of Merle standard poodle colors, these variations reflect the genetics that make each Standard Poodle truly one-of-a-kind.

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When considering the various Standard Poodle colors, do your research and understand the genetic factors associated with each coat pattern. Here at Higher Standard Poodles, we follow responsible breeding practices.

The best way to protect your new puppy from inherited diseases is to make sure it was NOT INBRED.

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